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The Yogi Show | Yoga, Mindfulness, and Gratitude with a Touch of Humor

Feb 24, 2020

On today's episode of The Yogi Show Podcast, Pedro and Bryan have a conversation with internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Seane Corn! Not only has Seane been a yoga teacher for more than 25 years (after taking FIVE 200-hour teacher trainings!); she's also a social activist and public speaker. Today Seane is well known for her impassioned style of teaching, and raw, honest, and inspired self-expression, but teaching didn't come naturally to Seane. This episode dives deep into overcoming adversity and doing what scares you. You don't want to miss this episode with an amazing spirit. Follow Seane on Instagram at

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Episode Summary Timestamps:

5:20 - Seane discusses her message of “How dare I not?” If you have a gift you have to share it with the world. As a young yoga teacher Seane tried to talk herself out of teaching and didn’t think she would ever be ready - the thought of teaching gave her anxiety - but she ultimately didn’t let her insecurities stand in her way. Seane said, “I didn’t know I was gonna be a good teacher. But I knew I could do this. I just had to do it differently.”

18:22 - Seane talks about how she manages public speaking despite a battle with vertigo. When faced with a lecture that she was nervous to give, she realized it would be selfish of her to not take an opportunity to help people.

34:03 - How Seane became confident on her latest journey: her book tour. Seane sought out help to be the best she could reading her book in front of others (and a special guest appearance from Seane’s dog!) She also talks about the challenge of writing a book, which she said is very different from teaching yoga.

49:38 - WILD CARD: A quick dive into Bryan’s hair envy of Seane!

52:23 - How new teachers can find their authentic voice. It may take longer than you expect but it comes with time and practice. Plus, Seane shares her recipe for a perfect class.